Premiered at Dixon Place as a benefit concert for Bee's Fund (and organizationthat helps young lesbian, bisexual and trans women, 18-25, who have been rejected by their families). The piece was then invited to perform at Jacobs Pillow's Inside/Out space in the summer of 2016 (see SPUN page for details and photos). 

Performed as part of First Look at the Green Building in Brooklyn. And Excerpt of Creatures of Habit. 

Performed by Christopher Ralph and Reed Tankersley.

Photos by James Cernero


CrEatures of Habit 

       Commissioned by Dixon Place, See the  Creatures of Habit Page  for description and press. 



Commissioned by Dixon Place, See the Creatures of Habit Page for description and press. 


Performed by Christopher Ralph and Reed Tankersley at the Green Building. 


The Accidental Soloist

Conceived for Dixon Place's Moving Men, and performed at The Current Sessions Vol III, Issue I and the Center for Performance Research

Danced by Jonathan Royse WIndham 
Narrated by Liam Rhodes
Voiceover Engineer Austin Stillwell
Spacial Thanks to Elliot Reiland and Max Chester
Photos by Corey Melton

"a thoughtful and engaging spatial composition of light, sound, movement, story, participation, emotion and energy. It was by far one of the most unforgettable solo performances I have seen in a while!" -Dance Enthusiast

Brand New Key

Performed by Jonathan Royse Windham and Elliott Reiland at the Current Sessions 

Photos by Corey Melton

Also Performed by Amy Ruggiero and Elliott Reiland at 


A New Musical by Nate Weida

performed at Judson Church
Directed by Isaac Klein
Choreography By Jonathan Royse Windham

Graphics by Dave Brown

The Hall 

 Conceived and developed for the Freight Project and performed at Hubbard Hall and Dixon Place 

Performed by Jonathan Royse Windham, Brendan Duggan, Christopher Ralph, Sarah Stanley, Lavinia Vago and Lucy Stack

Photos by Rachael Shane

two duets, some awkward moments, a long silence and a slow dance.

Dixon Place and the Current Sessions Issue II, Vol I at the Wild Project

Performed by Christopher Ralph, Sarah Stanley, Lucy Stack, Sarah Mettin, Brendan Duggan, Alexander Dones, Amy Ruggiero, Georgie Cauldwell, Elliot Reiland, Francesca Romo

"uproariously funny" - {DIY Dancer}

"Hilarious.." -Dance Enthusiast

"Inventive..." -Dance Pulp 


Oh! Darlin'

The Current Sessions at the Wild Project (NYC) 2011, Dance From The Heart at the Cedar Lake Theater 2012

Performed by Jonathan Royse Windham with appearances from Christoper Ralph and Gregory Dolbashian 

Oh! Darlin' is a quirky, hilarious look at a man in relationship to someone he loves through out his life.

Photos by Corey Melton




Philadelphia Fringe Festival at the Painted Bride 2011

Performed by Austin Jarred, Joshua Touasin, Lucy Stack, Christopher Ralph, Sarah Stanley, and Nina Houdson 

Untitled is a chance composition created specifically for Come Unity, fundraising to help change lives 
in Africa. The piece is based on the statistic that one in six people in Africa does not have 
access to clean water. Set to a beautiful piece by Lhasa, the work demonstrates how lucky 
we are to have access to the resources we do. 


Says Shoot 


The Current Sessions at the Wild Project (NYC)

is a chance composition based on the game "rock, paper, scissors". In the dance
the two participants are required to perform different choreographic tasks based on who 
wins and who loses. The contrast of a humorous and playful beginning and 
hard-hitting end carefully exhibit the beginning and the end of a relationship between two people. 


The Dinner Party

Dance Theater Lab at SUNY Purchase 2011

Performed by Christopher Ralph, Jolina Javier, Austin Jarred, Amy Ruggiero, Lucy Stack, Zach McNally and Cat Cogliandro 

The Dinner Party explores how inhibition and anxiety can shape and change
the human form. From these fears can emerge extreme characters, 
 which in this dance, all end up trying to interact at a dinner party. 
The work explores the individual as part of a group, as well as mob mentality.

230 South Adelaide

Philadelphia Fringe Festival at the Painted Bride 2009, Terra Firma Dance Showcase 2009, Staller Center in Stonybrook 2009

Performed by Amy Ruggiero 

230 South Adelaide is the lamentation of a long and important relationship 
told from one person's perspective. It fluctuates from the tenderness of 
grieving to the rawness of anger and regret. 


The Curse of Thomas Watson 

Philadelphia Fringe Festival at the Painted Bride 2009

The Curse of Thomas Watson shows the painstaking process of waiting. The audience
witnesses an individual go through the five stages of grieving (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance)preemptively.